Our Pilots

Kevin LaRosa IIAce BeallJeff SenourJohn Tamburro

Kevin LaRosa II

  • BioKevin LaRosa II (also known as K2) may appear young at first glance, but his aviation background and experience portrays something entirely different. Kevin was born into an aviation family and spent most of his childhood at airports in Southern California. His father, Kevin LaRosa Sr is one of the most respected motion picture stunt pilots in the business. 
K2 started logging time at the early age of 14 years old. He accumulated his ratings as quickly as he could and by the time he was 18, he was a commercially rated helicopter and multi-engine fixed wing pilot logging time in everything from King Airs to Hueys. By 23 he had experience coordinating and directing multitudes of aerial film sequences in the air and on the ground and is a member of SAG and the Motion Picture Pilots Association.
In 2009, K2 was welcomed into the Wolfe Air family and began working under and receiving specialized training from Tom McMurtry. Tom took him under his wing and continued to build and refine his skills. It was with Tom that K2 learned military flying techniques, night formation, and IMC formation techniques. With Tom’s retirement in 2011, K2 took over the role of the Wolfe Air lead pilot and now flies every aircraft in the company’s fleet.
K2 is also an accomplished helicopter pilot. When he is not working for Wolfe Air he is flying ENG, charter and medical helicopters for Helinet Aviation in Los Angeles.

Ace Beall

  • BioArthur “Ace” Beall spent a decade with the Air Force as an Instructor Pilot in the T-38A and C-141 aircraft. Following his military career, Ace went to work at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. He worked as Chief Pilot of Flight Operations, Boeing 747 Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) Captain, as well as Captain/ Instructor on NASA’s T-38N, Boeing 377 Super Guppy, G-159 and the famed KC-135A Zero Gravity “Vomit Comet”.
When he is not at the controls of the Wolfe Air Learjet, Ace pilots a corporate Learjet and continues to fly the R&D flights for NASA Dryden Flight Research
Ace has over 13,000 hours of logged flight time. With Ace in the cockpit, Wolfe Air continues the tradition of using only “The Best”.

Jeff Senour

  • BioJeff Senour took to the controls at the age of 7 years old when his Dad would take him up in a Piper Cub. His formal training began when he was in College and he worked every part time job he could get his hands on to pay for instruction, flight time and pilot ratings. He went on to flight instruct and then started flying Learjets out of Van Nuys for several corporate jet operators.
Jeff’s flying career spanned many years of charter flying and learning the art of aerial photo chase missions. He also honed his aerobatic and formation skills flying a Pitts Special, competing in aerobatics. In 1983, Jeff joined the Screen Actors Guild and worked as a SAG pilot doing numerous TV shows including “Fall Guy”, “Knight Rider”, “Oh God You Devil”, “Murder She Wrote” and many others. Through his movie work met Dan Wolfe of Wolfe Air Aviation. A union was formed creating the perfect aerial photo team.
Jeff went on to fly the Vectorvision system for hundreds of missions all over the world, including feature films, television shows, commercials and research and development missions for almost every aircraft manufacturer in the world. 
Jeff is also a Captain for Southwest Airlines and has flown for Southwest for 17 years. He has logged over 25,000 hours to date and still loves his job.

John Tamburro

  • BioWith over 16 years of dedicated experience in the Motion Picture Aviation Industry and a perfect safety record, John Tamburro has the experience and knowledge to tackle any aerial production with precision and safety. John’s experience includes flying all types of camera mounts in all types of situations ranging from television news, where you only get one chance to get the shot, to complex orchestrated flight activities involving multiple aircraft for major motion pictures. John can effectively achieve the “Directors vision” and get the desired footage for the project.
As a stunt pilot, John has also had the opportunity and honor to work with, and learn from the top stunt coordinators in the Motion Picture and TV Industry and that has resulted in very comprehensive flight skills. Flying air-to-air formation, high-speed low-level chases and under bridge flight are just a few of his abilities. Close coordination and planning with stunt teams are the keys to achieving success for any aviation stunt activity and John prides himself on his “safety mentality” and getting the job done properly as a combined team with other members of the production staff.
 John also has wide-ranging coordination abilities that are instrumental in getting the aerial production “leg work” accomplished. In today’s world of liability concerns, the paperwork shuffle is intensive. John works closely with production management to insure “all of the bases” are covered when it comes to the requirements of aerial filming and other low-level flight activities. These requirements include but are not limited to; production meetings, location scouting, additional insurance issues and filing an FAA Plan of Activities.